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Ways to Certify a Project with DSA

On January 1, 2011, more than 16,000 school facilities were uncertified by the state, most of which were in use and occupied even though state law explicitly requires all school facilities to be certified by the state. Since that time, the Division of the State Architect (DSA) and school districts collaborated to reduce that number by nearly 40 percent. However, close to 10,000 uncertified projects remain.

DSA implemented the inspection card process to ensure certification for current and new projects. In addition, several different methods summarized below were developed to certify existing structures. For further information on requirements for each method of certification, please contact your respective DSA regional office or read DSA’s Project Certification Guide (PDF - 3.87 MB).

Traditional or “Pure” Method

This method of certification is simple for projects with all verified reports available, all fees paid, and no outstanding issues.

Alternate Process Type A

For projects missing required reports due to incapacitating illness, death, or default of any person required to file such reports, a verified report from the project inspector may be reasonable and sufficient evidence that the project was constructed in essential compliance with the approved construction documents.

Alternate Process Type B

Alternate Process Type B is intended to be used when a verified report from the project inspector, as described above in Alternate Process Type A, was not submitted to DSA due to the incapacitating illness, death, or default of the project inspector.

Alternate Process Type C

Alternate Process Type C is applicable to one-story relocatable buildings of not more than 2,160 square feet, which were constructed in a manufacturer’s plant. This alternate process addresses only the construction of the building's superstructure and is not applicable to the construction to place the building on a site. For the construction placing the building at the site, another alternate process must be used.

Rehabilitation of Nonconforming Buildings for School Use

A project can be submitted to DSA as a “rehabilitation of nonconforming building for school use” to address certification issues. This option requires a meeting with DSA prior to submittal and has specific submittal and design criteria.

COMING SOON – Architect/Engineer Certification Program

An additional project certification method will be implemented in the near future. The new method will allow an architect or engineer to lead a post-construction evaluation process as a means to certification.

Resources for Project Certification