Certification Starts When Construction Begins

Through teamwork, open communication, and transparency, the Division of the State Architect (DSA) is committed to making the certification process a success for all parties involved.

The following features of the certification process have been developed to ensure success.

Project Inspection Card

Small screen image of form DSA 152

Rather than waiting until the end of construction to verify certain aspects of the project are complete, as work progresses the project inspector signs off the applicable blocks and sections of the DSA 152: Project Inspection Card (Sample; PDF - 239 KB) in compliance with DSA procedure PR 13-01 (PDF - 344 KB). A stop work order may be issued for failure to complete a section of the DSA 152.


Electronic Document Submittal

DSA launched a secure, cloud-based tool that allows stakeholders to submit and collaborate on documents in real time in DSAbox.

Stakeholders can see when a document was submitted to DSA and can access that document at any time.

Post Construction

Day 60! Day 120!

As outlined in DSA procedure PR 13-02 (PDF - 121 KB), once aware that a project is fully constructed, occupied, or otherwise in use, DSA works with the design/construction team collaboratively to finalize all certification requirements/documents.

On day 60 following the construction/occupation/use of the project, if the project is not certified, DSA will issue form DSA 301-N: Notification of Requirement for Certification (PDF - 43 KB) to all parties associated with the project. Form DSA 301-N lists project deficiencies and the parties responsible for those deficiencies.

The parties have an additional 60 days to resolve deficiencies identified on form DSA 301-N in order to certify the project. At the end of the second 60-day period (day 120 following the construction/occupation/use of the project), if the project is not certified, DSA issues form DSA 301-P: Notification of Requirement for Certification (PDF - 41 KB) to all parties associated with the project. Like form DSA 301-N, form DSA 301-P is a list of deficiencies for the project and the parties responsible for those deficiencies.

Form DSA 301-P is posted in the publicly viewable Certification Box (see below). Any party responsible for a deficiency may submit the missing documentation to the Certification Box. School districts and design professionals may also submit form DSA 302: Response to 301-P (PDF - 80 KB), a document used to identify how they’ve attempted to resolve deficiencies.

Certification Box

Certification Box Goes Public...

Projects that are occupied without certification are placed in the Certification Box. Unlike DSAbox, which is a place for stakeholders to access project documents, the Certification Box is open to the public.

Available documents include form DSA 301-P; form DSA 102-IC: Construction Start Notice/Inspection Card Request (PDF - 799 KB), which identifies all parties associated with the project; and any submitted DSA 302 forms.

Even after being placed in the Certification Box, a project may be certified after all deficiencies have been resolved.

Project Certification for Inspectors, Design Professionals, and School Districts

An informational sheet outlining the certification process as well as the roles and benefits of the process to project inspectors, design professionals, and school districts is available for download. To conserve resources this informational sheet was designed to be viewed online, but if printing is your preference, we have provided a printer-friendly 11 x 17 option.

Additional information for design professionals regarding the post approval and certification procedures can be found in the following presentation.

Alternative Formats: DSA’s Certification informational sheets can be made available in an alternative format as a disability-related reasonable accommodation for an individual with a disability. To discuss how to receive a copy of this publication in an alternative format, please contact the Division of the State Architect’s Communications and Policy Unit at, or at DSA Headquarters, 1102 Q Street, Suite 5100, Sacramento, CA 95811.