CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: Submittal, Review, Oversight and Certification

The Division of the State Architect (DSA) reviews construction projects under its jurisdiction for Title 24 compliance. The scope of DSA's review depends on the client who owns the facility and the scope of the project. See Project Submittal Planning for detailed information.

The majority of DSA's plan review and construction oversight focuses on new construction and alteration projects for California school and community college districts. DSA's oversight for structural safety of school facilities is governed by the provisions of the Field Act contained in the California Education Code sections 17280, et. seq. for K–12 and 81130, et. seq. for community colleges. The Field Act imposes important requirements on California schools that are not present in other types of construction approval processes:

  • Licensed design professionals must prepare drawings and specifications for proposed construction work.
  • Drawings and specifications have to be verified by DSA for compliance with applicable building codes.
  • The building codes utilized in the design of school buildings contain structural provisions superior to many other types of facilities, with consideration for known seismic activity in California.
  • A project owner (school or community college district) must hire a DSA-certified inspector to oversee construction. The inspector selection must be approved by the design professionals and DSA.
  • Changes to approved drawings and specifications for DSA-regulated portions of the project shall be submitted and approved by DSA prior to commencement of work.
  • At the conclusion of construction, the design professionals, the inspector and the contractor shall file verified reports with DSA indicating the work has been performed in compliance with the approved plans and specifications.

Below you will find information and guidelines to aid you in working with DSA on project submittal and completion.