Rulemaking Cycles

Building Code Adoption Cycles – The rulemaking process for Title 24 is done on an annual or emergency basis. For detailed, current information on any aspect of this process, visit the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) website.

Annual Code Adoption Cycle - General Information

DSA can propose code changes to Title 24 within the annual code adoption cycle of any calendar year. For general information regarding the annual code adoption cycle, visit the CBSC 18-month Code Adoption Cycle page.

Each code change proposal includes the following documents:

A. Express Terms

Provides specific code-change text in the following format:

  • Existing California amendments or code language being modified
  • All such language appears in italics, modified language is underlined
  • New California amendments - All such language appears underlined and in italics
  • Repealed text - All such language appears in strikeout
  • Notation of statutory authority and statutory reference(s)

B. Statement of Reasons

Provides a brief description of the objective reason(s) for each proposed change, which includes a statement of:

  • Specific purpose and rationale
  • Technical, theoretical, and empirical study, report, or similar documents
  • Consideration of reasonable alternatives
  • Reasonable alternatives the agency has identified that would lessen any adverse impact on small business
  • Facts, evidence, documents, testimony, or other evidence of no significant adverse impact on business
  • Identification of conflicts with federal regulations

C. Notice of Public Hearing

Provides information on public hearings, how to obtain copies of documents, and contact information for those wishing to file comments or ask technical questions, which includes:

  • Public comment period
  • Post-hearing modification
  • Authority and reference citations
  • Informative digest
  • Other matters prescribed by statute or to any specific regulation or class of regulations
  • Mandate on local agencies or school districts
  • Estimate of cost or savings
  • Economic impact on businesses
  • Finding of necessity for the public's health, safety, or welfare
  • Cost impact on private person or business
  • Effect upon jobs and business expansion, elimination or creation
  • Effect on housing costs
  • Alternatives
  • Availability of rulemaking documents
  • CBSC contact person for procedural and administrative questions
  • State agency contact person for substantive and/or technical questions

Viewing draft documents: To view the Express Terms, the Statement of Reasons, or Notices for current proposed changes, visit the CBSC Regular Rulemaking page.

Public Comment: The public has an opportunity to review and file formal comments on the proposed code changes. Requests for any code change proposal documents in original or alternative formats should be made to the California Building Standards Commission at 916.263.0916.

Comments to the proposed changes must be filed with the California Building Standards Commission in accordance with the instructions contained within "Notice of Proposed Change and Public Hearing" documents.

Emergency Rulemaking - General Information

For general information regarding emergency rulemaking, visit the CBSC Emergency Rulemaking page. The public has the opportunity to review and file formal comments regarding an emergency code change during the regular rulemaking process that follows adoption of the change. DSA must complete this regular rulemaking process within 120 days of the effective date of the emergency change.

Please check the CBSC Meetings page for the date and location of the commission hearing during which an emergency rulemaking proposal will be considered for adoption.