Codes and Policies

The Division of the State Architect (DSA) is one of several state agencies that propose changes to the California Building and Administrative codes through the Building Standard Commission’s rulemaking process.

DSA proposes changes to the California Building Standards Code (Title 24), as well as developing and publishing interpretations of code and policies and procedures necessary for stakeholder understanding and coordination of enforcement among the DSA regional offices.

Title 24

California's building regulations are contained in Part 1 through 12 of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations (C.C.R.).

DSA-Structural Safety (DSA-SS)

DSA Structural Safety (DSA-SS) adopts and amends Title 24 Building regulations applicable to California’s K–12 public schools, Community Colleges and State Essential Services facilities. Refer to Sections 109.2 of Part 2, Title 24 for more information regarding the scope and application of DSA-SS adopted regulations, and to the Structural Safety Code News page to view important code cycle information.

DSA-Access Compliance (DSA-AC)

DSA Access Compliance (DSA-AC) develops and maintains the accessibility standards and codes used in public and private buildings throughout California.

DSA-AC declares building regulations for making buildings, structures, sidewalks, curbs, and related facilities accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities. Access compliance regulations are applicable to:

  • Publicly funded buildings, structures, sidewalks, curbs and related facilities,
  • Privately funded public accommodations and commercial facilities, and
  • Public housing and private housing available for public use statewide.

Refer to Sections 109.1 of Part 2, Title 24 for more information regarding the scope and application of DSA-AC adopted regulations.

DSA also incorporates the offices of the independent State Historical Building Safety Board, caretaker of California's State Historical Building Code.


DSA develops and publishes interpretations of the California Building Code.

For more information about California's building regulations, see: