Academy Training Manual - Access Compliance

The Division of the State Architect's Academy Training Manual - Access Compliance is the latest development in DSA's ongoing effort to promote consistency in the design and construction of projects under DSA's jurisdiction (primarily California public schools and state-funded construction).

Download: The Training Manual is available for download in its entirety or by chapter as PDF documents optimized for accessibility. To view and print a PDF publication, you must have PDF reader software installed. You can download the Adobe Reader free of charge at the Adobe Reader download page. As an alternative, the Training Manual chapters have also been made available in Rich Text Format (RTF) which can be read by most word processing programs.

You may download DSA's Academy Training Manual - Access Compliance (PDF - 1.2 MB) November 24, 2009

The "Academy Training Manual - Access Compliance" publication is also available for download by chapter:

Content: The Academy Training Manual - Access Compliance is designed to serve as a companion document to the 2007 California Building Code for training purposes and to provide editorial and explanatory remarks regarding accessibility regulations promulgated by DSA. With respect to each of the applicable building code sections, this manual may include:

  • historical and technical background,
  • statements of objective and intent,
  • discussion of the meaning and implications, or
  • suggestions on the most effective methods to apply the requirements.

Format: The format of this manual provides the full text of specific accessibility code requirements followed immediately by associated remarks from DSA. These remarks are preceded by the DSA logo and distinguished from the code text by inclusion within a light turquoise box. For the benefit of individuals who use screen readers, the DSA logo is provided with an identifying alternate text (alt tag) which states: "DSA Remark, Section XXXX."

Remarks: The remarks in this manual are intended to be informative but they are not a substitute for the requirements of the code. Also, despite the informative nature of this manual, it is the appropriate jurisdictional code official who possesses the exclusive authority to enforce and interpret the requirements of the building code.

Purpose: This manual provides informal assistance regarding California accessibility requirements only for DSA's jurisdiction. The information contained in this manual is not binding on the Division of the State Architect and is not intended or designed to give any legal advice on compliance with federal, state, or local laws and regulations. It should be noted that laws, regulations, and standards are subject to revisions, additions, or deletions, at any time.

DSA Contact: For questions regarding information presented in the Academy Training Manual - Access Compliance, please contact Derek M. Shaw at or 916-445-8100.