DSA Library of Accessibility Details

For questions on use of the detail library, and for questions regarding code interpretation on detail content, please contact the appropriate DSA regional office by phone.

The details in this library are provided in an effort to assist design professionals, who design projects under the enforcement jurisdiction of the Division of the State Architect (DSA), in achieving compliance with the accessibility provisions of the 2016 California Building Code. There is no obligation to use the details. Design professionals who use the details must select from the library the detail appropriate for the specific design and site conditions for each project. The design professional is required to review the design elements on the detail to determine if they are appropriate for the project, and edit the detail to create a site-specific solution.

The details are provided in PDF format to aid in searching the database for the appropriate detail, and in AutoCAD format so that designers can modify each detail selected as necessary for project-specific design and site conditions. Details will be added to the library as they are developed.

Effective Use of the Library of Details

Detail Information:

  1. Use the file folder structure for the appropriate category of details. Search in the PDF folder to locate a detail for use appropriate to the design conditions of your project. Then search the AutoCAD folder to find the DWG file that corresponds to the selected PDF file, and download the file to your computer.
  2. Each detail has a DSA Drawing Number matching its file name. The detail name contains a prefix with a California Building Code (CBC) section number. This detail name must not be changed when edited.
  3. Each detail indicates a referenced CBC edition, including a supplement date if appropriate and an original publish date that must not be changed when edited.
  4. All the graphic and text elements in the drawing are drawn to scale in model space and plotted with “layout” set to “1:1” scale in paper space.
  5. The plot layout is set to plot to scale on either an 8 ½″ x 11″ sheet or an 11″ x 17″ sheet.


  1. Modify the detail for project-specific design and site conditions.
  2. Change the drawing detail number from “1” to the specific detail number to be referenced in the project plans.
  3. Review detail indicators in the drawing to determine if additional reference details are appropriate for the project. Fill in cross-reference numbers for the detail indicators and provide the specified details in the project plans.

Access to the details requires Acknowledgement of the Terms of Use (please click link).