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Access Code Collaborative

The Division of the State Architect (DSA) seeks to usher in a new era of improved stakeholder collaboration in DSA’s access code development process. To aid in attaining that goal, DSA is establishing the Access Code Collaborative (ACC), a diverse, representative group that will provide input and feedback to DSA on proposed amendments to California Building Code (CBC) Chapter 11B regulations affecting individuals with disabilities. DSA has engaged the services of the University of California, Davis Extension Collaboration Center (UC Davis) as a neutral facilitator to gather input to inform the design and operation of the ACC.

Initial Survey & Interviews of Key Stakeholders

In June 2017, DSA broadly distributed an invitation to members of the DSA access regulations stakeholder community, soliciting their participation in an anonymous, electronic survey conducted by UC Davis. The purpose of the survey was to gather input on how best to form the new, representative consultative body. UC Davis received 250 completed surveys. In part, these surveys informed the selection of a group of key stakeholders for individual and small group interviews.

In July 2017, UC Davis conducted individual and small group interviews of 29 key stakeholders identified through the initial survey results. The purpose of these interviews was to gather more detailed recommendations regarding how the new consultative body should be organized and tasked, and how individuals will be nominated and selected to participate on the ACC.

Using detailed stakeholder input gathered from the anonymous survey of 250 access regulations stakeholders, and detailed interviews of 29 key stakeholders, UC Davis will design the structure and charter for the ACC.

ACC Members – Announcing the Selection!

DSA and UC Davis held an open application/nomination period to solicit applications for individuals desiring to serve on the ACC and nominations of individuals by others recommending a specific individual for service on the ACC.

Member Orientation and Training Workshop

A kick-off orientation and training workshop for members will take place October 30 – 31, 2017 to support the effectiveness of the group in its role in DSA’s code development process. Members must attend this mandatory training. Training will include a DSA Code Change Training Workshop and a UC Davis Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Workshop.

Operation of the ACC

DSA anticipates holding the first meeting of the ACC in December 2017, with UC Davis providing facilitation services for the initial meetings.

Additional Information

Please direct questions and comments about these activities to Susan Moe, Senior Architect, at or (916) 323-1687.