Access Compliance

The Division of the State Architect (DSA) provides access compliance services for public schools and state-funded construction; develops and maintains vital reference resources to assist clients in meeting accessibility standards; assists in the administration of Certified Access Specialist program (CASp) and other programs; and develops access-related building code amendments.

The DSA Access Compliance unit provides:

References on Access Compliance

Access Compliance Related Programs

Accessibility Related Amendments to the Building Code

Access 2013

Use of 2013 Accessibility Provisions as Alternative Method of Compliance

Emergency Rulemaking: Accessibility Code Change Proposal - June 27, 2012

2007 California Building Code - Accessibility Codes Changes (PDF - 759 KB) | (DOC - 1.52 MB)

USDSOJ: ADA Certification

Accessibility Resources and Links

If there is something on the subject of accessibility or universal design that you'd like to see included here, or you have questions about content currently on the DSA Accessibility web pages, please contact Ida Clair at, or call (916) 322-2490.