What is Historic Preservation?

Historic Preservation is not "frosting," "fluff" or "fad." It is tested and sound social, economic and environmental policy.

Communities fight for the tourist dollar; and tourism centered around our historic legacy is the fastest growing segment of that industry.

Historic preservation affirms environmental sensitivity. Just think of the many railroad tank-cars full of fuel required to bake—for a full week—the countless bricks that make up a vintage building. How much more respectful of our earth and its resources to conserve that huge investment in non-renewable fuel, rather than to consign it, along with all that labor and all those materials, to a non-biodegradable heap of landfill.

Historic preservation has demonstrated its ability to turn "inner cities" around, replacing decay, indifference and crime with a sense of "roots," a sense of place, and a feeling of community pride. In the process, the cost of crime diminishes while the community's tax revenues increase.

A civilization (or a community) is judged by the monuments it leaves behind. Historic preservation educates and enriches the mind and spirit of a people. We must never forget that it is we who are the stewards of this priceless legacy. And may we accept with deep resolve the obligation to bequeath it—as unaltered as possible—to future generations.

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