California's State Historical Building Safety Board

The information in the State Historical Building Safety Board webpages is for guidance and information of the user. Only the cited state code and regulation are applicable under law.

Purpose of the State Historical Building Code

It is the purpose of the State Historical Building Code (SHBC) to provide regulations and standards for the rehabilitation, preservation, restoration (including related reconstruction) or relocation as applicable to all historical buildings, structures and properties deemed of importance to the history, architecture, or culture of an area by an appropriate local or state governmental jurisdiction. Such standards and regulations are intended to facilitate the restoration or change of occupancy so as to preserve their original or restored elements and features, to encourage energy conservation and a cost-effective approach to preservation, and to provide for reasonable safety from fire, seismic forces or other hazards for occupants and users of such “buildings, structures and properties” and to provide reasonable availability and usability by the physically disabled.

The SHBC is defined in Sections 18950 to 18961 of Division 13, Part 2.7 of Health and Safety Code (H&SC) Health and Safety Code, a part of California Law.

Recent & Upcoming Board Activity

The State Historical Building Safety Board currently has no planned meetings.

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