DSA Career Options

The Division of the State Architect (DSA) has career opportunities in the areas of Access Compliance, Fire and Life Safety, Construction Supervision and Structural Safety. DSA Job Opportunity announcements provide specifics on experience and educational qualifications needed to apply for positions described below.

Access Compliance

Our architectural team has multiple components. Access Plan Review ensures that plans comply with state standards for building and accessibility. Code Development develops policies and regulations for access compliance. Training and Quality Assurance develops curriculum and presents training for access compliance. DSA employs:

  • Associate Architects
  • Senior Architects
  • Principal Architects


Fire & Life Safety

Our fire and life safety architectural plan review teams ensure that plans comply with the code for life safety, including exiting, occupancy separations, and any fire resistive construction requirements. DSA employs:

  • Fire and Life Safety Officers I
  • Fire and Life Safety Officers II
  • A Principal Fire and Life Safety Officer


Structural Safety

Our Structural Safety teams have multiple components. In the Regional Offices, structural engineers conduct construction and plan review for K–12 schools and community colleges to ensure seismic safety and compliance with the California Building Code. In the Headquarters Office, the Code Development Section develops policies, regulations, and standards for structural safety compliance. They also develop training curriculum for internal staff, project inspectors, and other stakeholders. DSA employs:

  • Construction Supervisor IIs
  • Structural Engineering Associates
  • Senior Structural Engineers
  • Supervising Structural Engineers
  • Principal Structural Engineers


Construction Oversight

Our District Structural Engineers conduct construction reviews and inspections for major buildings, K–12 schools and community colleges to ensure compliance with the California Building Code for Structural Safety, Fire and Life Safety, Access Compliance, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. DSA employs:

  • District Structural Engineers


Administrative & Technical Support

Our Regional Offices and Headquarters Office employ a variety of administrative and technical support to help meet the division’s mission and goals. DSA employs:

  • Program Technician IIs
  • Office Assistants—Typing and General
  • Office Technicians—Typing and General
  • A Graphic Designer II
  • Associate Governmental Program Analysts
  • Staff Services Manager Is
  • Staff Services Manager IIs