(Source: California Education Code, Section 17280-17317)

17317.  (a) The Department of General Services shall, in
consultation with the Seismic Safety Commission, conduct an inventory
of public school buildings that are concrete tilt-up school
buildings and school buildings with nonwood frame walls that do not
meet the minimum requirements of the 1976 Uniform Building Code.
Priority shall be given to the school buildings identified in the act
that added this section that are in the highest seismic risk zones
in accordance with the seismic hazard maps of the Division of Mines
and Geology of the Department of Conservation.

   (b) The Department of General Services shall submit a report by
December 31, 2001, to the Legislature and the Governor that
summarizes the findings of the seismic safety inventory and makes
recommendations about future actions that should be taken to address
the problems found by the seismic safety inventory. The report shall
not identify individual schoolsites on which inventoried school
buildings are located.