About DGS University

DGS University (DGSU) is the Department of General Services’ internal employee training program. While not a university in the literal sense, the vision of DGSU is to provide employees with one-stop-shopping for professional training opportunities and personal development information.  The Department of General Services also provides external training to state agencies in the areas of health and safety and acquisitions (procurement and contracting), and to private sector partners involved with construction projects under the jurisdiction of the DGS Division of the State Architect. 

DGSU's internal employee training program is dedicated to pursuing courses that develop and reinforce the department’s Core Values of Integrity, Accountability, Communication, Excellence, Innovation and Teamwork (I-ACE-IT) in all who work here.

Its structure is designed with the purpose of meeting the diverse needs of the department with course offerings of benefit to every employee. Course offerings include those of a generalist nature or with broad interest that are useful personal development resources for any employee, as well as offerings designed to meet the training needs of specific operations within individual offices of the department. 

We deliver training to our statewide workforce using a mix of live instructor-led and self-paced audio-based eLearning classes. Instructor-led classes provide a direct, interactive learning experience with which most people are familiar. Self-paced classes provide the convenience of taking courses when and where you wish, the flexibility to take an entire course or just the lesson of interest, and the ability to take and retake lessons as needed.  They also avoid travel and time constraints associated with attending scheduled classroom-based courses.

Training provided by the department will, in many instances, rely on staff in the department who have developed expertise in specific operational areas. In other instances, DGSU will bring in or facilitate access to experts from outside the department to conduct training.   

Classes offered directly by DGSU are provided at no additional cost to offices, except where noted. Since each DGS division or office has funds set aside for training, each is able to supplement the training provided by DGSU and procure training through industry providers to meet the specific and unique professional and technical training needs of its employees.  In this sense, DGS uses a tandem approach to provide and meet the training needs of its employees.