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Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Energy Efficiency Retrofits

AB-32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, requires a sharp reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  Executive Order B-18-12 outlines requirements for state agencies to reduce environmental impacts of state operations including GHG emissions, energy, and water use, as well as improving indoor air quality, onsite renewable energy, and developing the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations at state facilities.

In response to AB 32 and EO B-18-12, DGS developed the Statewide Energy Retrofit Program to assist state agencies in meeting the reduction requirements for greenhouse emissions and grid-based electricity purchases. This budget-neutral program was designed to develop and implement energy conservation measures with no upfront capital expenditure required of the participating state agency.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

EO B-16-12 sets aggressive statewide clean vehicle goals.  25% of fleet purchases of light duty vehicles be ZEV by 2020 with supporting infrastructure .  Current EVSE program jump started with funding from CEC and the DGS.

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Clean Energy Generation

Clean Energy Generation

California has progressive renewables policies, including a goal of 50% renewables by 2030.  The state must lead by example.

State developed a power purchase agreement approach 10 years ago and is aggressively ramping up the program for solar and wind to finance, install, operate, and maintain systems at little cost to the host

On site generation is less expensive than utility rates

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Zero Net Energy

Executive Order B-18-12 ordered state agencies to take action toward zero net energy of state buildings:

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that all new State buildings and major renovations beginning design after 2025 be constructed as Zero Net Energy facilities with an interim target for 50% of new facilities beginning design after 2020 to be Zero Net Energy. State agencies shall also take measures toward achieving Zero Net Energy for 50% of the square footage of existing state-owned building area by 2025."

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Other Sustainability Programs

  • Energy and water benchmarking 
  • Organic Wastes and Recycling

  • Water Conservation

  • LEED certification of state buildings

  • Bike Share

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