Statutory Information

The Forms Management Center is mandated to implement and manage the State's Forms Management Program.

Government Code Section 14770

Establishes the Forms Management Center
Requires the Director of Department of General Services (DGS) to establish the Forms Management Center (FMC) for the orderly design, implementation and maintenance of a statewide forms management program.

Government Code Section 14771

Implementing an Agency/Department Forms Management Program
Requires FMC to assist state agencies in implementing and maintaining effective forms management programs. A successful forms management program must include processes for form analysis and design, form management, and the application and management of electronic forms. 

Government Code Section 14772

Appointing a Department Forms Management Representative (FMR)
Requires each agency to appoint a forms management representative (FMR) to provide necessary assistance to implement the State Forms Management Program within the agency. A Departmental FMR's role is to ensure the goals of the State's forms management program are effectively met within the agency. In addition, representatives must administer their agency's own forms management in the most economical and efficient manner possible. (See Section 1705 of the State Administrative Manual)

Government Code Section 14775

Business-Use Inventory - SB 1898 enacted:
The Senate Bill 1898 Law (Enacted 9/94) is titled the Business Use Program. The Business-Use Program consists of the following major phases:

  • Phase I requires each state agency to inventory all their forms and reports required of the business community to complete and submit as part of the state's administrative processes.
  • Phase II requires state agencies, on an annual basis, to review and eliminate their non-mandated, non-tax forms or certify them for continual usage.
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