Forms Management Training

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Forms Management Center (FMC) staff is available to help Department Forms Management Representatives (FMR) with forms design and departmental forms management programs. Contact Us:

Forms Managment Center
Office of Strategic Planning, Policy, and Research
707 Third Street
West Sacramento, California 95605
P 916.375.4859
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Training Classes

Introduction to Electronic Forms - Class is being revised. The purpose of this course is to discuss how to implement an electronic forms program and examine its advantages and pitfalls.  Demonstrations include  electronic form differences, archetype of electronic file management, and a database model used to manage workflow. Enrolling in the class

Forms Management Program Handbooks

  • Forms Design Handbook – This handbook presents the basic forms design principles and techniques according to current industry standards.
  • Forms Management Handbook – This handbook describes a forms management program and why it is necessary for each agency to develop and maintain a program.
Hardcopies available upon request.