Forms Management Program

The State Forms Management Program (SFMP) is mandated to ensure consistency, uniformity, and economy of operations for all state agencies. The major program goals are to develop and manage effective forms management systems by standardizing forms management procedures that improve the statewide operations of a centralized program.

Forms Management Center

The Forms Management Center (FMC) was established to design, implement and maintain the SFMP for all state agencies. FMC maintains a central cross index of public-use forms to facilitate the standardization of forms, to eliminate redundant forms, and to provide a central source of information.

State Standard (STD.) Forms

Standard (STD.) forms are used statewide for various program purposes. The FMC studies, develops, coordinates and initiates these forms of interagency and common administrative usage, and maintains on-going partnerships with state agencies to keep STD. forms updated according to state laws and mandates.

Current versions of these STD. forms are available on the “Forms Search” webpage.

Departmental Forms Management Representatives

Each state agency appoints a Departmental Forms Management Representative (FMR) to implement a forms management program within their agency. The FMR is the primary contact between the agency and the FMC and is responsible for providing necessary reports and disseminating information regarding the SFMP.

FMR resources are available on the  "Department Forms Management Program Information" webpage

Departmental Forms Inventory (DFI)

In order to effectively manage the state’s forms, the FMC collects and reviews a forms inventory of every state agency. Agencies are required to submit a Departmental Forms Inventory (DFI) of public-use forms. Agencies must review its form inventory to ensure forms are compliant with state standards, the forms are neccessary and non-duplicative, and certify them for continued usage. Each state agency reviews and submits this inventory on a triennial basis. 

For DFI inquiries phone 916.376.9931 or 916.375.4859.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a Form?

Forms are any preprinted or electronic documents containing fixed messages or requests that are used repeatedly. Variable data or fill-in spaces may or may not be included. Data entry screens and reports from databases are included in this definition. It applies whether a form is printed by the Office of State Publishing or on agency duplicating equipment. It includes such items as form letters, tags, labels, continuous forms, tab cards and envelopes.

What is a State Standard (STD.) form?

Standard (STD.) forms are used statewide for various program purposes. STD. forms are developed for use by all agencies to carry out common statewide administrative functions. See Government Code Sections 14771(a)(2-6).

What is an Agency/Department form?

State Agency/Department forms are created and used specifically by an agency to carry out the agency’s administrative functions. The term ’agency‘ refers to appropriate departments, offices, boards, commissions, etc.

What is a Public-Use form?

State Public-Use forms are used to obtain or solicit facts, opinions, or other information from the public or private citizens, etc. See Government Code Section 14741(1).

What is a Business-Use form?

State Business-Use forms and/or reports are used to collect and/or solicit information, including signatures, from businesses.  A business is any partnership, corporation, organization, business trust, or any person or nongovernmental entity or representative thereof, who supplies the state with information by filling out a form. See Government Code Sections 14771(c) and 14775.


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