ZEV Infrastructure Action Plan Planning Template: Phase 1 Survey

As part of a 10-year plan to reduce carbon emissions at the state level, the Brown administration has launched an ambitious new effort to get high-polluting cars off the road by increasing zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) purchases and ramping up efforts to install charging infrastructure at state facilities.

Elements on the new initiatives include:

  • Upping state government’s ZEV purchases (for light duty replacement vehicles in the state fleet) to 50 percent by 2025. This would add approximately 1,500 new ZEVs to the state fleet.
  • Expanding the state’s vehicle charging station infrastructure to at least 5 percent of workplace parking spaces at state facilities. This will add approximately 4,500 new charging stations.

These new goals were announced as part of the 2016 ZEV Action Plan. This action plan is the product of an interagency working group led by the Governor’s Office and extensive input from stakeholders.

The documents below provide guidance to state departments in implementing these goals: