Report Leaks at State Facilities

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The Department of General Services is reducing water used at its state-owned office buildings in order to comply with Governor Brown’s mandatory water restrictions.

Please join us by keeping an eye out to ensure that water is being used effectively at DGS facilities.

Just like at your home, sometimes government facilities have a broken sprinkler or are watering the concrete instead of greenery without being aware of the problem. If you see water being wasted, please fill out the form below to alert state managers to the issue.

Please note: This email form applies to DGS-owned properties ONLY.

  • To report inefficient water use at a locally-owned business, local park, private residence, or another non-state-owned property, please contact your local water district.

  • To report inefficient water use at city-owned or county-owned properties, please contact the appropriate city hall or county board of supervisors.

If you observe water being wasted at a state facility, please provide the following information, which will be investigated by the California Department of General Services in order to mitigate the situation.

Zip Code must be valid within the United States
e.g., broken sprinkler head on front lawn near sidewalk, leaking indoor plumbing fixture in 8th floor men’s room, etc.
Enter the code shown above in the box below