Organizational Health Survey (For FMD Without DGS Email Access)

The DGS Organizational Health Survey gives all of us the opportunity to identify our strengths and weaknesses as an institution, and to help build a better workplace. This webpage was created for Facilities Management Division (FMD) employees only who do not have a DGS email account.

All other employees, including FMD staff who have a DGS email account, should have received an invitation to the survey in their inbox; these employees should not use the links to the survey below.

You can use the link to take the survey on any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, including personal devices.

You will be required to provide your full name in order to complete the survey, but be assured that your responses are confidential and that your name will not be associated with your individual results. The only reason we need your name is to ensure nobody completes the survey more than once and to identify you if you opt in to the drawing and are selected as a prize winner.

Please do not complete the organizational health survey more than once. If you have questions about the survey or are having issues accessing the link, please contact Michael Sears at (916) 376-1862 or

Background information

Have any of these questions, and more? Read the FAQs.

  • Who should participate?
  • Why should I participate?
  • But really, what's in it for me?

What does Organizational Health mean? Organizational Health refers to our ability as a department to function effectively, to perform at a high level, to change appropriately, and to grow from within. It goes beyond job satisfaction and how happy employees are. It reflects how invested and connected employees feel in the success of their teams and the organization. More than anything it conveys how well we can deliver services to our customers, and by extension, all Californians.

You are encouraged to complete this survey because participating is one of the most important ways we have to examine and improve our own work lives and DGS overall. In appreciation of your time, DGS staff who complete the survey will be randomly chosen to receive prizes such as the use of Director Kim’s prime parking spot for a week, donuts delivered to their unit by Chief Deputy McGuire and gift cards for Starbucks, Target or Amazon.

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