Strategic Plan Goals - Real Estate Services Division

The Real Estate Services Division (RESD) is a full-service real estate organization that designs and constructs facilities for government agencies. The division is also responsible for all the state’s real property needs — from asset management, surplus property sales and acquisition to leasing.

Strategic Goals

  • Propose new methodology for rental rates that provides a more sustainable and long-term approach for the DGS building portfolio.
  • In the Southern California market, coordinate with client departments to consolidate state-owned space and multiple leases into more efficient lease space.
  • Develop the next phase of the 10-year Sequencing Plan for Sacramento and the balance of the state.


  • Implement a process to more thoroughly evaluate repurposing options for state excess real property. Incorporate Geographical Information Software (GIS) to identify potential reuse opportunities.


  • Develop and implement a ZNE preliminary screening process to identify “ZNE-likely” projects and ensure that all contracts for budget packages for these projects evaluate ZNE feasibility and costs.

Operational Goals

  • Evaluate the viability of acquiring a real estate asset management tool that will streamline and automate our entire portfolio.
  • Complete an assessment to determine current inspection needs and the level of complexity or risk.
  • Execute 75 percent of all architecture and engineering (A&E) contracts from the date of advertisement within 4.5 months.
  • Successfully implement Primavera project management software.

View the 2017 Strategic Plan Booklet here.