Strategic Plan Goals - Office of State Publishing

The Office of State Publishing (OSP) provides innovative printing and communication solutions and services to state, federal, county and city agencies. 

Strategic Goals


  • Implement Phase 2 of establishing OSP as the state’s document imager and content manager by implementing a cloud-based electronic document management system that allows State Records Center customers real-time access to their imaged records. Expand customer base from three active accounts to 10.


  • Implement Phase 2 of the OSP space consolidation project and reduce physical printing plant space of the main plant by 50 percent.

Operational Goals

  • Develop real-time reports of OSP’s key performance indicators, allowing for improved day-to-day decision-making.
  • Utilize the more cost-effective, eco-friendly digital printing plant for legislative printing needs and decommission four offset presses at the main plant.
  • Increase output hours from 11,840 to 13,260 (12 percent) of OSP Security Printing and Mass Mail chargeable hours. Secure by July 2017 one local government contract for security printing and mass mail. Increase use of Web StoreFront by state and local governments from 1,050 orders per month to 2,000.

View the 2017 Strategic Plan Booklet here.