Strategic Plan Goals - Office of Fleet and Asset Management

The Office of Fleet and Asset Management (OFAM) provides general oversight of the state’s vehicle and mobile equipment fleet, and ensures compliance with state and federal environmental, energy and fiscal policies. It provides a fleet of rental cars to support state agencies’ transportation needs; manages DGS’ parking facilities; oversees the reutilization of state and federal surplus property; disposes of state surplus property; manages the state’s travel planning programs; and provides short-term warehouse services.

Strategic Goals


  • Implement an expedited Fleet Acquisition Plan approval process for medium-duty, heavy-duty and equipment replacement assets that will reduce the processing and approval time by 60 percent (compared to completion time of acquisition plans with light-duty assets).
  • Increase the online sale and reutilization of state surplus personal property from 1 percent (based on 2015 sales) to 20 percent of total sales.


  • Use the life cycle replacement methodology developed in 2016 to create, adopt and implement new statewide vehicle replacement standards.

View the 2017 Strategic Plan Booklet here.