Strategic Goals - Effective

We continuously develop ourselves so we can better serve our customers. 

For 2017, DGS’ strategic goals are those initiatives that impact our customers. These strategic goals are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

Division of the State Architect
13. Reduce and maintain school construction plan review “bin time” from six weeks to four weeks.

Facilities Management Division
14. Develop and implement a new methodology for cost estimation.
15. Implement a new process for delivering projects in the Direct Construction Unit.

Office of Human Resources
16. Develop and implement a recruiting strategy including prioritization of target classifications, effective methods for recruitment based on classification, and an implementation timeline.

Office of Fleet and Asset Management
17. Implement an expedited Fleet Acquisition Plan approval process for medium-duty, heavy-duty and equipment replacement assets that will reduce the processing and approval time by 60 percent (compared to completion time of acquisition plans with light-duty assets).
18. Increase the online sale and reutilization of state surplus personal property from 1 percent (based on 2015 sales) to 20 percent of total sales.

Office of State Publishing
19. Implement Phase 2 of establishing OSP as the state’s document imager and content manager by implementing a cloud-based electronic document management system that allows State Records Center customers real-time access to their imaged records. Expand customer base from three active accounts to 10.

Procurement Division
20. Implement an accreditation process for departments granted purchasing authority.

Real Estate Services Division
21. Develop the next phase of the 10-year Sequencing Plan for Sacramento and the balance of the state.