Strategic Goals - Data-Informed

We use and share data to make better decisions for ourselves and our customers.

For 2017, DGS’ strategic goals are those initiatives that impact our customers. These strategic goals are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

Facilities Management Division 
1. Implement a new facility improvement process including a comprehensive way to identify, prioritize, track and complete facility projects.*

Office of Business and Acquisition Services
2. Develop a more user-friendly, data-driven OBAS intranet site as a resource to customers.

Office of Risk and Insurance Management
3. Conduct data analysis and outreach to increase the scope of claims settled through the Government Claims administrative remedy.

Procurement Division
4. Leverage FI$Cal spend data to identify savings opportunities related to awarding new contracts and improving compliance with existing contracts.

Real Estate Services Division, Facilities Management Division, Administration Division 
5. Propose new methodology for rental rates that provides a more sustainable and long-term approach for the DGS building portfolio.

 *Goal carried over from 2016