Strategic Goals - Consultative

We offer counsel and advice so our customers can maximize benefit and mitigate risk.  

For 2017, DGS’ strategic goals are those initiatives that impact our customers. These strategic goals are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

Building Standards Commission
22. Develop and execute a web-based informational video/webinar for the BSC website.

Office of Legal Services
23. Consult with at least 10 state agencies on their intellectual property (IP) needs and provide them with IP training, and provide access to IP services and resources for state agencies.
24. Provide targeted contract training to state agencies, assess effectiveness, and identify fundamentals of an accreditation program.

Office of Public School Construction
25. Enhance the funding application process for the Seismic Mitigation Program by creating a joint-agency instructional video in coordination with DSA.

Office of Risk and Insurance Management
26. Develop and publish emergency response procedures and checklists for inclusion in DGS emergency and continuity plans.

Procurement Division
27. Develop an Executive Management Training Certificate plan for the California Procurement & Contracting Academy (CalPCA).

Real Estate Services Division
28. Implement a process to more thoroughly evaluate repurposing options for state excess real property. Incorporate Geographical Information Software (GIS) to identify potential reuse opportunities.