Strategic Goals - Collaborative

We solicit input from our partners to collectively improve our outcomes.

For 2017, DGS’ strategic goals are those initiatives that impact our customers. These strategic goals are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

Office of Audit Services
6. Conduct an opening conference with at least 85 percent of state departments that are scheduled for 2017 compliance audits.
7. Develop a robust accreditation/compliance audit process with the Procurement Division for the delegated purchasing authority program.

Facilities Management Division

8. Establish a statewide tenant workgroup to improve ongoing maintenance and facility improvement services provided in state buildings.*

Office of Legal Services
9. Convene a workgroup of attorneys and staff to plan technological improvements to enhance the customer service aspects of OLS’ work.

Office of Public Affairs
10. Launch a new DGS external website and establish a website governance structure.*

Office of Strategic Planning, Policy and Research

11. Complete Phase 2 of the comprehensive update of the State Administrative Manual.

Real Estate Services Division 
12. In the Southern California market, coordinate with client departments to consolidate state-owned space and multiple leases into more efficient lease space.

 *Goal carried over from 2016