2016 Strategic Plan - Overview


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For a department like ours, which is responsible for so much in state government, it can be challenging to identify the right priorities and goals to keep us progressing and improving as an organization. This is why strategic planning is so critical to our department’s long-term success, as a meaningful strategic plan will provide us with clarity and direction.

I am very proud of the effort we have put into updating our department’s strategic plan, and I am pleased to present to you the Department of General Services (DGS) Strategic Plan for 2016.

  • This plan is customer centric. Each division and office has identified new strategic goals for the 2016 calendar year that not only build on our strengths as a department, but most importantly, will have a positive impact for our customers. We focused our planning on those goals that will help our customers better servetheirs.
  • This plan is ambitious. We have 63 goals that we will undertake in 2016. At the end of this year, we will have improved state buildings and accessibility; further acted as a responsible steward of state resources; more proactively collaborated with our largest customers; and provided creative and helpful solutions to new and ongoing problems.
  • This plan is focused. We concentrated on five strategic themes — collaboration, efficiency, a data-informed approach, transparency, and sustainability — in building this plan, and I am convinced that these themes are the right priorities for us to focus on in 2016.
  • This plan depends on you. You and your talents are the engine that powers the department, and so I want to urge you to innovate, to create, to change, and to build so that we can accomplish our 2016 goals. I encourage you to ask questions, voice your ideas and get involved in the implementation of this plan.

We are “one DGS,” and it is only together that we can make this plan a reality.

I am greatly looking forward to seeing what we will accomplish as a department in 2016.


Visit the DGS 2016 Strategic Plan Web page here.
Download the DGS 2016 Strategic Plan booklet here.