Strategic Plan Goals - Office of Strategic Planning, Policy and Research

The Office of Strategic Planning, Policy and Research (OSPPR) assists divisions and offices with long-term planning; facilitates the creation of the department’s strategic plan; oversees customer survey development and analysis; is responsible for DGS forms management; and provides consultative data analysis and process re-engineering.

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  1. Establish an advisory council to provide feedback to the director on DGS policy and program changes.
  2. Implement a monitoring and reporting program for all DGS strategic plan goals.
  3. Redesign the DGS Survey Program to target specific, objective performance data for each major DGS program.
  4. Complete Phase 1 of 2 of the comprehensive update of the State Administrative Manual.
  5. Establish a comprehensive, online repository of state forms and eliminate all stock standard forms that can be downloaded and printed.