Strategic Plan - Facilities Management Division

The Facilities Management Division (FMD) is composed of the former Building and Property Management Branch and the Direct Construction Unit. FMD is tasked with ensuring the ongoing maintenance and management of state-owned buildings.

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  1. Jointly with RESD, establish a statewide tenant workgroup to improve ongoing maintenance and facility improvement services provided in state buildings.
  2. Working collaboratively with RESD, expend at least $30 million on building improvements, including $10 million for priority Americans with Disabilities Act improvement projects, to help decrease costs for tenant improvement projects.
  3. Strategically improve the overall quality and consistency of facility maintenance and improvement projects:
    a. Develop a 
    comprehensive project tracking system for facility improvement projects.
    b. Develop and publish a process to prioritize facility improvement requests and priorities to increase transparency.
    c. Develop a process, in collaboration with RESD, to determine the appropriate entity to deliver facility improvements.
    d. Update daily/ongoing maintenance procedures and standards and determine appropriate priorities for ongoing maintenance.
    e. Conduct robust recruitments to reduce vacancies and to attract and retain well-qualified candidates.