Strategic Plan Goals - Administration Division

The DGS Administration Division includes: Enterprise Technology Solutions, Office of Business and Acquisition Services, Office of Fiscal Services, Office of Human Resources, and the Office of Risk and Insurance Management.

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Administration Division

Successfully implement Release 2 of the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) project at DGS.

Enterprise Technology Solutions
Enterprise Technology Solutions (ETS) provides technical support services critical to DGS operations, including deployment and support of desktop computers; network connectivity; applications development and management;data security and compliance with the state of California’s information technology policies.

  1. Successfully upgrade Statewide Property Inventory, CRUISE and MAXIMO systems.

Office of Business and Acquisition Services
The Office of Business and Acquisition Services (OBAS) provides DGS divisions and offices support in goods and services procurement; contract processing from solicitation to contract execution; and various business services, including CAL-Card administration, room reservations, cubicle moves, security and document reproduction.

  1. Ensure that 80 percent of all OBAS contracts are executed within two months.
  2. Consolidate contracts tracking into SharePoint.
  3. Establish and publish dashboard for OBAS contracting data.

Office of Fiscal Services
The Office of Fiscal Services (OFS) oversees DGS’ rate development process, and coordinates and directs all accounting, budgeting and fiscal reporting activities for the department and state agencies.

  1. Establish regular customer forums for OFS client departments to discuss best practices and policy/procedure changes.

Office of Human Resources
The Office of Human Resources (OHR) provides services in the areas of recruitment; hiring; benefits and pay transactions; employee training and development; and constructive intervention.

1. Establish regular customer forums for OHR client departments to discuss best practices and policy/procedure changes.
2. Develop and publish OHR performance metrics for incoming requests, including First Time Through and processing times.
3. Increase quality of DGS services by providing at least 10 additional training classes (online and regional) to offsite staff.
4. Improve the pool and quality of candidates and decrease vacancies by moving from DGS-specific classifications to statewide classifications and by prioritizing OHR exams.
5. Establish recruitment and retention best practices for positions that are difficult to fill or have high turnover (e.g., Custodian, Stationary Engineer, Plumber, Painter, Office Building Manager Series, Electronic Data Processing Specialist Series, Personnel Specialist and Associate Personnel Analyst).

Office of Risk and Insurance Management
The Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) provides a variety of risk management and insurance services to state and public entities with a primary objective of minimizing exposure to losses. Services include insurance procurement and consulting; natural gas fuel price risk management; claims adjusting; statewide safety training; and emergency management.

  1. Pilot online portal for reporting auto claims.
  2. Increase Increase state savings through the Equipment Maintenance Management Insurance Program (EMMP) by 20 percent ($700,000) by enrolling new equipment and adding state departments.