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DGS has one of the most diverse workforces in state government.  There are more than 400 different job classifications, ranging from real estate professionals, to space planners, to architects and structural engineers, to auditors and accountants, Web and graphics designers, to administrative law judges, legislative and procurement analysts, and many more choices.  Make a career at DGS.

6 Steps to Apply and Working for the State

Step 1 - Find a State Job

The first step in getting a State job is to take a State exam for the classification (Job Title) in which you are interested.

The easiest way to learn what examinations are open for testing is to browse the Examination Bulletins. You may also visit the SPB Sacramento Employment Services Center to access the SPB Web site, obtain examination announcements, applications for examinations, forms, and other brochures on the civil service examination process. Local Employment Development Department (EDD) offices may receive announcements for State civil service examinations and may also have applications and other brochures available.

Examination Announcements: When you find an examination you are interested in applying for, obtain a copy of the exam announcement (bulletin) and an application from the department conducting the examination. Read it over carefully, as you are filling out your application. You may also wish to refer back to it as the examination process continues.

Step 2 - Apply for the Exam

The State Examination Application (Form STD.678) is available from SPB Web site. Read it over carefully and answer all questions that apply to you. Your cooperation in answering the questions on the last page is greatly appreciated. The completed application is an example of your reading comprehension skills, your ability to follow directions, and your attention to detail.

You may want to make a copy for yourself in case you want to refer to it later. The bulletin will tell you where to send your application, or if you must apply in person, and the last date to apply. The postmark on the envelope is used to determine whether you meet the final filing deadline. Late applications are not accepted.

Application Review: If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you should receive a letter within two weeks after the final filing date. If you do meet the requirements and the examination does not have a written test, you should receive a letter within a month after the final filing date. If you have not received your acknowledgement one month after the final filing date, you should contact the department conducting the examination.

If the examination has a written test and you have not received your admittance letter five days before the announced written test date, telephone the department conducting the examination. Staff there will determine if your application was accepted and tell you where the test will be given and how to identify yourself to the proctor.

Step 3 - Take the Exam

Refer to the examination announcement and read the section entitled "Examination Information". It will tell you what type of test will be used and what effect (known as "weight") each test will have on your final score. There are several combinations and variations. Any one or a combination of the types of tests described below may be used. Read the "Scope" section carefully; it will tell you what subjects will be covered.

Step 4 - Where Am I on the List?

Eligible lists are the listings of candidates who have been successful in an examination for State civil service employment. Eligible lists are established for each job classification within the State of California civil service system, and are one method used to fill vacancies. Examinations are administered on an open, open-nonpromotional or promotional basis. State employees and non-State employees may take open and open-nonpromotional examinations with one or more State departments or agencies using the resulting lists. Promotional examinations may be taken only by State employees. These lists are usually only used by the department or agency that administered the promotional examination.

Step 5 - Hiring Interview

The oral test you may have taken as part of the examination process was to determine your qualifications for the classification. The hiring interview is specific to a particular job, in a department for the classification. A classification can be used in a wide variety of departments; so before you go to your interview, you should acquaint yourself with the mission and functions of that department and how the job you are interviewing for contributes.

Step 6 - Probation Period

When you have been hired, you will serve a probationary period of six months to one year. You will receive three probationary reports from your immediate supervisor, which will be discussed with you and reviewed by another supervisor. When you have successfully completed your probation, you will attain permanent status as a State employee.

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