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Affiliate Organizations (AFF)

Affiliate organizations are members who have been certified by a Principal Combined Fund Drive (PCFD). Organizations must first apply and become certified through a PCFD as one of the PCFD's affiliate members. Affiliated organizations are eligible to receive Our Promise contributions through their PCFD association. No Affiliate application will be accepted without the approval from a PCFD. If you wish to apply through a PCFD and need contact information, please visit our website by accessing the approved participants list for PCFDs.

Organizations who are not certified as a member by a PCFD may wish to file a Non-Affiliate application.


A Federation is defined as any organization that represents itself and two or more organizations in Our Promise (excluding the PCFDs). Federations are responsible for the reception and disbursement of any funds collected on behalf of their member organizations. Federations must complete a Non-Affiliate application.

Non-Affiliated Organizations (NAFF)

Charitable organizations that are not affiliated member beneficiaries of the approved PCFD agencies may apply for consideration as a Non-Affiliated organization (NAFF).

Unlike PCFDs, NAFFs' Our Promise fundraising activities are not restricted to designated geographic areas. Therefore, NAFFs may receive contributions from donors in all 58 counties if so indicated on their applications.

Principal Combined Fund Drive Agencies (PCFD)

The PCFD agencies are those organizations approved by the VCGCB to be responsible for conducting Our Promise in designated geographic areas. This responsibility involves:

  1. Publishing and distributing Our Promise literature, which includes a listing of their approved affiliate member agencies and the approved non-affiliated organizations in the PCFD agency's campaign areas;
  2. Distributing pledge/designation forms to State employees during the workplace solicitation process;
  3. Transmitting contributions to the designated organizations (less fundraising and administrative expenses as approved by the Board).

Affiliated organizations are eligible to receive Our Promise contributions through their PCFD association.