Jerry Hill Sworn-in as State Printer

11/5/2012 11:58 AM 
Photo of Jerry Hill being sworn-in as state printer.Jerry Hill (pictured right) was officially sworn-in today as State Printer by Department of General Services director Fred Klass (pictured left) at a ceremony held on the floor of the State Printing Plant in Sacramento. Approximately 100 Office of State Publishing employees welcomed Mr. Hill at the event.

As State Printer, Mr. Hill oversees the Office of State Publishing (OSP), which produces printed publications, forms, envelopes, brochures, and business cards for more than 150 state government agencies, departments, and commissions. OSP is also responsible for the printing of more than 3,000 legislative bills per session. In addition to printed products, OSP also provides other communication solutions including graphic design, video and webcasting production, and fulfillment services.

Mr. Hill was appointed State Printer by Governor Jerry Brown in October.

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On 11/7/2012 8:37 AM  Frank Shuman said:

Great Appointment by Governor Brown, Mr Hill is well qualified to lead the state printing services. Hill has a proven track record with the DOJ


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