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Executive Roster


Daniel C. Kim

(916) 376-5000

Jeff McGuire
Chief Deputy Director

(916) 376-5000

Jemahl Ämen
Deputy Director, Facilities Management Division

Miles Burnett
Deputy Director, Administration Division

(916) 376-5020,

Monica Hassan
Deputy Director, Public Affairs

(916) 376-5038, 

Brent Jamison
Deputy Director, Interagency Support Division

(916) 376-5000,
  Nancy Ander
Deputy Director, Sustainability
  Jason Kenney
Deputy Director, Strategic Planning, Policy and Research

(916) 376-5004,

Zackery Morazzini
Director and Chief Administrative Law Judge, Office of Administrative Hearings

(916) 263-0653,
  Leslie Lopez
Deputy Director and Chief Counsel, Office of Legal Services

(916) 376-5090,

Jacque Roberts
Senior Advisor 

  Andrew Sturmfels
Deputy Director, Legislative Affairs

(916) 376-5045,
Juan Vasquez
Deputy Director, Special Projects

(916) 443-9812,
Chester A. Widom FAIA
State Architect

(916) 322-4866,