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Protective Wear

Protective wear such as raingear and body armor is procured by the State to protect users from a variety of hazards. As appropriate, expired protective wear should be recycled and diverted from landfills.

Green Contracts

The state’s body armor contract provides a free Armor Disposal and Recycling Program to users. The program offers destruction and recycling services for used body armor, keeping waste out of landfills and protecting the environment.

This contract may be open to Local Governmental Agencies as defined by Public Contract Code Section 10298. Click on “Buy Green Now” to view the Contract User Instructions for further details.

Contract Name: Body Armor
Contract ID/Number: 1-14-84-07

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The following technical and environmental specifications are incorporated in the state's contract(s) and are linked here for informational purposes only.

To Buy Green through the state's contract, click on the Green Contracts accordion and select "Buy Green Now."

Body Armor

Laws, Regulations and Policy


  • Health and Safety Code Sections 25214.11-25214.26 - Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act

Certifications and Standards

  • National Institute of Justice

References and Resources