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Office Paper Products

Paper waste is a significant contributor of total waste in the United States. The state buys different types and sizes of paper, with increasing levels of postconsumer recycled content, as well as paper products with forest sustainability certifications to reduce the environmental impact of this commodity.

Green Contracts

Green Statewide Commodity Contracts for paper are available for state department use. Visit the following Buying Green web pages for further details:

For paper office supply products other than those found on Green Statewide Commodity Contracts, use a DGS Purchasing Standard to buy green. The DGS Purchasing Standard is available below.

DGS Purchasing Standards

DGS Purchasing Standards provide the minimum criteria purchases must meet to be considered Environmentally Preferable (EPP), aka “green”, by the State of California. They establish a mechanism for incorporating performance and environmental requirements that meet the state’s environmentally preferable goals, into procurement and policy.

The State of California may offer purchasing mechanisms for these commodities. Ordering departments must adhere to all applicable laws, regulations and policies. These purchasing mechanisms may contain items that the supplier has identified as "green" in their catalog. Items may only qualify as green when purchased by the State of California if they adhere to the applicable DGS Purchasing Standard or other established EPP criteria. The applicable DGS Purchasing Standard is listed above. 

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