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Herbicides & Pesticides

Photo of a portable pesticide pump-can.

The State of California procures a variety of herbicides and pesticides to control weeds and pests. Reducing associated environmental impacts begins with implementing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan. State pest management practices may include minimizing the use and reliance of chemicals and choosing to procure low toxicity herbicides. The goal is to maintain an environment that is healthy and environmentally sound.

Green Contracts

This contract requires that the vendor classify the identified applicable items as low hazard, Tier I, Tier II, Tier III or OMRI certified as defined by the following organizations:

  • Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Certified Listed product
  • San Francisco Environment (Reduced Risk Pesticide List)
These certifications aid in the evaluation of materials, chemicals and processes and choosing environmentally preferable products. Identifying pesticides in reference to pesticide hazard ratings is a valuable tool in calculating LEED credits.

These contracts may be open to Local Governmental Agencies as defined by Public Contract Code Section 10298. Click on “Buy Green Now” to view the Contract User Instructions for further details.

Contract Name: Herbicides and Insecticides
Contract ID/Number: 1-16-68-13A

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Contract Name: Herbicides and Insecticides
Contract ID/Number: 1-16-68-13B

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The following technical and environmental specifications are incorporated in the state's contract(s) and are linked here for informational purposes only.

To Buy Green through the state's contract, click on the Green Contracts accordion and select "Buy Green Now."

Herbicides & Insecticides

Laws, Regulations and Policy


  • California Code of Regulations, Title 3, Division 6, Chapter 2, Subchapter 1 - Pesticide Registration
  • California Code of Regulations, Title 3, Division 6, Chapter 3, Subchapter 2, Article 4 - Storage, Transportation and Disposal

Certifications and Standards

  • Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Certification
  • San Francisco Environment Reduced-Risk Pesticide List

Buying Tips

  • Contact your County Agricultural Commissioner for assistance.  Pesticide use may be restricted in some locations.
  • Use only California Department of Pesticide Regulations (CDPR) registered products.
  • Look for products certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute.
  • Review the San Francisco Reduced Risk Pesticide List. Choose products that are the least risk, Tier III. 
  • Choose a pesticide that targets a single species of pests, having minimal impact to other animals.
  • Include container take-back to reduce waste and promote recycling.

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