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Plastic Trash Bags

Image of a Plastic Trash Bag Roll

The state procures plastic bags for a variety of operations such as can liner inserts in waste receptacles for office/building/hospital trash, cafeteria waste, roadside and highway rest-stop trash, park debris and waste.

Green Contracts

The Plastic Trash Bags contract includes bags for all departments (Type I & II) as well as orange and white bags with appropriate markings for Department of Transportation (Type III).

This contract may be open to Local Governmental Agencies as defined by Public Contract Code Section 10298. Click on “Buy Green Now” to view the Contract User Instructions for further details.

This contract offers SABRC compliant line items. View the contract for complete details.

Contract Name:  Plastic Trash Bags (Bags, Plastic)
Contract ID/Number:  1-15-81-05

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Contract Name:  Plastic Trash Bags (Bags, Plastic)
Contract ID/Number:  1-16-81-05

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The following technical and environmental specifications are incorporated in the state's contract(s) and are linked here for informational purposes only.

To Buy Green through the state's contract, click on the Green Contracts accordion and select "Buy Green Now."

Plastic Trash Bags

Laws, Regulations, and Policy


  • Public Contract Code  Sections 12200-12217 - State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign Requirements
  • Public Resources Code Sections 42290-42297 - Plastic Trash Bag


  • California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Sections 17975-17985 - Recycled Content Trash Bag Program

Certifications and Standards

  • State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) Compliant

Buying Tips

All manufacturers are required to comply with "Recycled Content Plastic Trash Bag Law." All bags need to contain a minimum 10% recycled plastic postconsumer material (RPPCM) or 30% postconsumer recycled plastic by weight of the material used in all of the manufacturer's plastic products. Buy plastic trash bags that comply with the requirements of the Recycled-Content Plastic Trash Bag Law. See the Recycled-Content Trash Bag Program website link in the References and Resources accordion for further details.

References and Resources