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State agencies buy recycled paint for maintenance and graffiti cover up. Chemicals in paint provide protection against weathering and corrosion, but if managed inappropriately can pollute the air and contaminate waterways. Sustainable paints are non-toxic and contain postconsumer recycled content.

Green Contracts

The following contract offers recycled paint for exterior use.

Due to health concerns associated with the level of volatile organic compounds (VOC) the recycled paint on this contact is intended for exterior use only. Currently, the marketplace does not offer zero VOC (< 20 mg/l) or low VOC (<50 mg/l) recycled paint.

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This contract offers State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) compliant line items.

Contract Name: Recycled Latex Paint (Exterior)
Contract ID/Number:  1-16-80-10

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The following technical and environmental specifications are incorporated in the state's contracts and are linked here for informational purposes only.

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Recycled Latex Paint (Exterior) 

Laws, Regulations and Policy


  • Public Contract Code Sections 12200-12217 - State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign


  • California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Sections 94507-94517 - Reducing VOC Emissions in Consumer Products
  • California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Sections 94520-94528 - Aerosol Coating Products
  • California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Sections 94520-94701 - Reducing the Ozone Formed from Aerosol Coating Product Emissions
  • California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Sections 94540-94555 - Alternative Control Plan for Reducing VOC in Consumer Products and Aerosol Coating Products


  • Management Memo 15-06 - State Buildings and Grounds Maintenance and Operation

Certifications and Standards

  • Green Seal™ GS-11: Paints and Coatings
  • Green Seal™ GS-43: Recycled Paint
  • Green Seal™ GS-47: Stains and Finishes
  • Master Painters Institute GPS-1-08
  • Master Painters Institute GPS-2-08

Buying Tips

  • Buy paint that contains recycled materials with low VOC emissions.
  • Look for products that are Green Seal certified. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design classifies these products as low-emitting materials.
  • Place paint take-back language in contracts to encourage paint recycling.
  • Return paint waste to a recycling facility.
  • For interior use and based on performance needs, buy new paint with zero or low VOC. 

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