Employee Corner

DGS employees who wish to check their work email while away from the office can do so by logging into Outlook Web Access.  The URL is  Click on the URL, then click on "Open this content in a new window." On the logon page you will need to type your full e-mail address as the username.  Use the same password that you use when you log onto the network when you are in the office.

DGS employees who have a need to access their data files and DGS shared resources while away from the office can do so by logging into Horizon at  If you do not currently have this access but would like to, please have your manager send an email to the DGS Enterprise Technology Services Help Desk to authorize access.  

Please note that if you do not have access to any particular software (e.g., MS Office, including Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word; Visio, Project Manager, Adobe Acrobat, etc.) while in the office, you will not have access to the software while out of the office.  You will, however, have access to the DGS intranet and SharePoint, as well as Project Accounting Leave (PAL) for time entry.